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Firm means firm

Our first night on this mattress was a shock.... why didn't we order a medium? It was hard and had no give. Two weeks later and we getting used to it. Actually we are beginning to love it. Pleased with the purchase. Value for money and quick delivery.

The mattress that I exactly wanted

I chose this mattress on Choice magazines recommendation, bought online because you can't test them. BUT I'm 100% happy! People don't understand how wonderful a firm mattress is, it gives you the support. You climb into bed with aches and pains and in the morning they've gone. I used to have a Beautyrest medium firm. It didn't help I don't have a chronic condition but modern life crouching over a phone or computer,standing on your feet a lot. You develop aches and pains at the end of the day. The Breeze mattress has really helped me


Noted a Breeze mattress in recent Choice issue.
Made my selection on website. Thankfully turned out to be great value for money. Mattress delivered in a box! Easy to follow unpacking instructions - a beautifully crafted, extremely comfortable mattress.

Breeze® Premium Firm Pocket Spring Mattress 26cm


Thank you for the chance to respond. Yes I am pleased with the mattress.

Love my new mattress. Incredibly comfortable

Good mattress

We have purchased firstly a queen size 26cm premium firm pocket spring mattress, then the same in a double. After many nights of good sleep, we are happy with the mattresses. We also purchased the queen bed base, and it's also a great product.


This mattress has been a terrific purchase, plush!

A little slice of heaven

Bought this lovely mattress online for my 87 year old aunt after reading the Choice reviews. She loves it, she has said it’s lovely and deep. Much easier to get into and said she is sleeping so well, like she is in a cocoon.

Wheels would be good

I am putting wheeled legs on it. To clean and easier to changed bed clothes.My dog sheds so would soon have dust bunnies producing dust and potential allergies

Very comfortable mattress.

It is the second one we bought for the spare room. Very comfortable mattress.

Excellent in every way

I have significant osteoarthritis. This mattress is fantastic and provides excellent support and comfort
Highly recommended

Good value for money

Though it's early days having slept on it for only a month, I found the mattress comfortable and not really that hard, though it was labelled as 'hard mattress'.
Waited for about 2-3 weeks for the mattress to arrive from Queensland by road to WA. It was delivered to the house without any issues.
Unpacking was easy and straight forward. Just need to follow the instructions on the box.
The edges of the mattress are still softer. I guessed, it is part of the design. This is just an observation not a manufacturing fault.
I would say, it is good value for money and hope it will last for at least the next five years.

Wonderful Breeze Double-bed Mattress - magic delivery in small box

We love our new Breeze double-bed mattress, very comfy and firm, but the best things was the way it came in a smallish box! Choice ratings (we have a subscription) of articles drove our selection, since it was rated best of all and much cheaper than alternatives. We had it delivered to Cairns to take to our home in Diwan, north of the Daintree River, and were planning how to tie it on the roof of our 4WD along with timber etc. Turned out we could put it in the back! It came vacuum-packed, and was amazing, once we cut the plastic off, it expanded to a full size double bed innerspring. Thanks Breeze.

Great mattress

Went off the Choice recommend and price, arrived quickly, easy to unpack, have been having undisturbed sleep since I got it (even when it was on my floor). Great so far.

Breeze Supreme Plush 7 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress 36cm

Have to say I was impressed by the fast delivery, and on a Sunday, too. When I looked at the boxes, though, I was a little concerned, to be honest. However, it seems my fears were not justified and I am very pleased with my bed ensemble. The mattress is very comfortable, and there is no weakness on the edges. Would not hesitate to recommend. And the price is right, too.

A great product and comfortable, entertaining too!

We needed to replace our well-known brand mattress due to its age and looked at Choice magazine for options and review. Have to say the Breeze has been ideal for both my wife and I, great product and we loved the unwrapping process.

Super comfortable

Great product. Very happy indeed.

Soft hard

Snoozy, no fleas.

Extremely Firm

I have given three stars because the quality of the mattress is very good.
Speed of delivery was very good.
Ease of transaction was very good.
The mattress, however.. was like sleeping on a concrete floor.
Firm to the most extreme level.
Sorry "Choice", although your endorsement drove my purchase decision, you got this one so very wrong.
I then purchased a muscle matt topper, which made it better, however still I wake up stiff and sore.
With that said, I have since purchased another, the Breeze® Medium Plush Luxe Cloud Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress.
I do look forward to receiving this new delivery and hpoe to a better comfort experience.

Queen bed plush

Love this bed. Very comfortable and definitely plush. 5 stars for quality, comfort, and cost. Very happy!

Medium cool gel Euro top pocket spring mattress.

Customer service was great, arrived as per confirmation.
I am finding the mattress too firm for my comfort, which is a bit disappointing. I have put our old bamboo topper on and that is much better. Hope over time it softens. My husband loves it.
If you like a very firm mattress I would recommend this one.

Our new Breeze Premium Mattress

We were astounded that a mattress in a box could possibly be so good! We have slept extremely well on this firm but very comfortable mattress and would highly recommend it.


Great product, comfort is 10/10

Breeze® Premium Firm Pocket Spring Mattress 26cm High Density Foam