Breeze Mattress Care Instructions

1. Turn mattress periodically. (i) Rotate sleeping on each side of the mattress every 3 months. (ii) Rotate mattress end to end while laying flat each time you flip the mattress.


2. A mattress protector should be used on the mattress to prevent soiling.


3. Do not attempt to fold, bend, stand or jump on the mattress as it will exert excessive strain on the component parts and may cause serious permanent damage to the mattress and foundation / bed frame.


4. Do use an appropriate bed frame/foundation on your mattress to ensure validation of your guarantee.


5. Do not pull the edge of your mattress, when changing the bed linen of your mattress. Instead lift the mattress (It is easier to handle and less likely to damage the mattress) to fully remove and/or dress your mattress with the bed linen.


6. Do not expose the fire or place near open flame. This mattress is not flame or fireproof and can ignite and/or burn if exposed to fire or open flame. When lighted, some bedding materials can burn and emit smoke and hazardous gases.


7. It takes up to 30 nights for your body to adjust to the feel and support of a new sleep system